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I found a series of creative ways to use old ladders. If you have an old ladder, it will take up space when you are idle. Instead of putting a ladder away, try to find new uses for ladders.

Next, I will introduce some creative ladder ideas. 

1.Turn the foldable steel ladder into a beautiful bookcase

Try turning the foldable steel ladder into a great bookcase. Not only is it durable, but it also reduces the space occupied by the shelf due to the small footprint of the ladder. You just need to put the ladder in the right place at home, put some common books, and a bookshelf will be successful. This is a very simple bookcase, decorative and practical, with perfect width on both sides of the book. You can put your favorite books on the ladder so that when your friends come home to read, you can talk to you about your favorite articles.

useful bookshelf

2.Transforming a ladder into a plant flower stand

This method of transforming a ladder into a flower stand is suitable for both interior decoration and decorative back gardens. The old little ladder is full of fresh and natural flavors, perfect for matching cute plants. The ladder's own layering allows you to make effective use of the space, in addition to plants can also put some other small objects on it. After building, your flower stand will definitely make your yard more beautiful.

fresh flower stand

3.Transform the ladder into a towel rack

It is also a very practical idea to put the ladder directly in the bathroom as a towel rack. With the white wall, everything looks simple and stylish, and it is easy and tidy. The traditional metal towel rack can be replaced by a ladder to show the eclectic decoration style. The pastoral sweet life is full of instant.

creative use of ladder

4.Transform the ladder into a small shoe cabinet

If you have a lot of shoes, a shoe cabinet is definitely not enough. Then, try to transform the ladder into a small shoe cabinet. Put your favorite shoes on the ladder, don't let them always stay in the dark closet, use the ladder space to put more cute shoes. If you are a shoe lover, you will be very happy to see your darling every day.

shoes boxes

5.At Christmas, you can decorate with a ladder

At Christmas time, people always want to decorate as much as possible. If you have space, you can decorate a ladder and make it a wonderful holiday show. Just add some artificial snow and clear Christmas lights and you will have a beautiful holiday.

festival decoration

6.Transform the ladder into a process supply storage space

Turn that small step ladder into some amazing storage space. You could do this with a larger ladder as well if you have the floor room for it, or hang it on the wall. The steps and rungs give you plenty of space to create craft supply storage. You could even open the ladder up and add baskets for your supplies.

7. Turn the ladder into a kitchen shelf

There are a lot of pieces in the kitchen, such as pots and pans, bottles and jars, and various seasonings. You can put some on the ladder in the kitchen, so that the kitchen will become extraordinarily beautiful.

original use of ladder

8. Use a ladder to place the sundries in the living room

If you try to put a ladder in the living room, the ladder space can be used to store DVDs, CDs or video games as well as books, gadgets and many other things. It can be said that it is very convenient.

9.  Put each layer of the ladder on the nest

Try adding your aviary to every step of the ladder and you will have your own town bird throughout the summer. Not only will the birds thank you, but it will also make your yard full of energy.

You can try to make a retrofit based on the ladder picture display. Take action and decorate vintage ladder to make it more beautiful.


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