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Beginner’s Guide: How To Safely Use A Stepladder

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There is one thing that we often use in daily work and life, but if it is not used safely, it may also cause an accident, resulting in casualties. It is a ladder. According to the analysis of 891 fatal accidents in the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008-2010, 24% of the fatal accidents were caused by unsafe use of ladders. How to safely use a stepladder?

correct use of ladders

Extension Ladder Preparation Before Use

Check the ladder position and whether the high stool of the ladder is solid and complete before use. It should be able to withstand the weight of the staff and the tools to climb. And then check the ladder and the high stool for cracks. At last, check if the hook and the joint of the high stool are firm and reliable.

Requirements When Use

Firstly, the tilt angle of the ladder should be maintained at about 60 degrees, and the escalator should wear a helmet when going up the ladder. If the ladder leans on the railing or the pipe, the upper end must be tied, and the single ladder is not allowed to be used as a high stool. Secondly, standing on the ladder is not allowed , as the upper stool is high, and the legs must cross the ladder. Thirdly, when using the high stool, the ladder should be opened entirely, and the hook should be hung. Last, When working on a ladder or a high stool, pay attention to the whole body's center of gravity. If someone is working, it is not allowed to move or use power tools on it.

Points After Use

Because the ladder high stool is managed by the management department to produce relevant signs, and there are special personnel to carry out safety inspections on ladders and high stools, and checks related records, please return to the designated place after use. Ladders, high stools and other professional tools may not be allowed to borrow to others and use by others. Professional use should be strictly in accordance with the use regulations.

Possible consequences of incorrect use of the ladder

Regardless of the type of ladder used, safety is always the first thing to be considered in the process of use. In recent years, the number of accidents reported in the news due to the irregular use of ladders is numerous. If the ladder is not used in a standard way, it may cause a safety accident, such as a concussion and other risks. Ladders are ordinary things in our daily lives, but there are many potential issues in the use of ladders. Ladder inspection is a premise of safe use of ladders, therefore, it is very important to know the correct and standardized use of ladders. 


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