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Considerations in Children’s Room Decoration

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With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to a high quality  life. Parents are willing to create a fine and exquisite place for their children’s bedroom. Being different from bedrooms for adults, there are some details you have to pay attention to for children’s safety and health concern. Many parents have no idea about the specific layout of children's rooms. Now let me introduce some basic precautions for you. 

1.Use eco-friendly coating and flooring

For babies or teenagers, the air quality in their rooms has a major impact on health. This requires the use of formaldehyde-free coatings and flooring materials, which can reduce the pollution caused by the decoration. In addition, do not stay immediately after the renovation. Open the window to let the air circulate for a period of time. Check the indoor formaldehyde content with a tester then. If it is safe, then children can move in this room. 

2.Lights and sockets 

When installing lighting tools, choose gentle lighting rather than stimulating lamps such as fluorescent lamps. Glare light is bad for their eyesight, especially for those have started reading or doing homework at home. In general, warm lights are more suitable for calming them down and falling asleep than cold lights. Remember to set a switch beside their bed so that they can control the lighting if feeling scared at night. 

Sockets in children’s room need to be protected with a cover. This can prevent your children from poking with their fingers or other sticks. At the same time, it is necessary to educate children about electricity safety.

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Most children are born an painter. They love to play their artistic talents on the wall. Therefore, you can choose a scrub-resistant latex paint during the decoration, which is convenient for future cleaning. Or you can agree with your children to make a blackboard wall as the specific painting place for the child. Let them promise you that they will only paint on this wall and keep the other walls clean.


All furniture should be fixed on the wall, in case that furniture falls down to children when they climb it for fun or hit on it accidentally. Bookcases and shelves can be customized to match the height of children. But there is a problem with this, that is, your children will grow taller soon. Thus, customize furniture will soon become too “tiny” for them and it will be inconvenient to use. Don’t worry. There is another effective idea for you. This problem can be easily solved by a step stool! This can allow children to reach higher places for toys or clothes. For safety concern, I recommend you step ladders with handle on it from 

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Based on interests of your children, you can also set a tent or a adventure-corner for them. Some cartoon characters they like are also a good choice to become room decorations. But remember to avoid large area of glass or mirror, for it is fragile and may be broken into sharp pieces, which is dangerous for children. Don’t use too much dark color, such as black, in kids’ room, for it will cause feeling of depression.  

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