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Considerations of House Decoration for the Elders

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The elderly should be regarded as a special group with special needs. They are different in physical, psychological characteristics from young people. A comfortable living environment is especially important for the physical and mental health of the elderly.

If you want to help the elderly design and decorate the house, in addition to nice outlook, there are many other details that you need to consider. For example, lighting, furniture selection. All things need to be carefully selected. So what are the specific aspects do we need to put in consideration? This post will provide you some advice. 

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1. Non-slip flooring 

In order to prevent the elderly from falling, the flooring should better be slip-resistant.  Materials such as carpet, quartz floor tiles, striped floor tiles and non-slip mosaic are good choices. An ideal combination of wooden floors in bedroom and small mosaic of tiles in bathroom is usually recommended. 

Some designers suggest that the elderly should choose cork flooring. Cork flooring can gently absorb the soles, so it can prevent slipping. Cork flooring also has certain elasticity. Even if you fall off, the elasticity of the floor can cushion the impact force a little. At the same time, the cork flooring can reduce noise and absorb sound. 

At the bathroom or kitchen door where are easy to get wet, it is best to put the anti-slip mat there. If the floor tiles or wooden floors are accidentally sprinkled with water, they will become very slippery, and a small piece of floor mat will reduce the probability of accidents.

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2.Enough Light

Rooms have sufficient sunlight are good for elderly, which can make them feel comfortable. To maximize the use of natural lighting can increase the sense of space in the room, too. 

As for indoor lighting, since the elderly generally do not like direct light, try not to use downlights or spotlights. Instead, you can choose a diffuse light source or a lamp with a hidden bulb.

Most elderly have poor eyesight, so the indoor light source should be as bright as possible, especially in areas such as the corridors, toilets, kitchen parts, stairs and bedsides.

In addition, the installation of switches should be reasonable at every entrance of the door. Otherwise, it will be easy to be stumbled in a dark room. There should be a switch on the bedside of their bedroom so that the elders can control the light at any time during the night.

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3.Set Handrails and Smooth Furniture

Many elderly are inconvenient to move. It is difficult for them to get up, sit down, and bend over.  You can set a bar-shaped handrail that is easy to handle on the wall. Similarly, it is necessary to use a waterproof armrest device on the sides of the bathtub, the toilet and the wash basin. These handrails are very practical for the elderly. 1 to 1.5 m high handrails can be placed on the bedroom wall to allow the elderly to stand or sit down.

 A step stool with handrails is also needed for elderly to get things from the top cabin. Stablemaster has got high quality step ladders with handles for you to choose. Furniture should be smooth and avoid any sharp corner. When setting the furniture, remember to leave enough space for daily moving and activities. 


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