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Different Types of ladders

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Choosing the right ladder for your intended use is essential because it can help you prevent accidental injuries. Different types of ladders are best suited to certain purposes which adds to their safety factor. Some ladders may only elevate the user a few feet from the ground ,such as step stools. While others such as extension ladder provide access to a higher roof. Then there are the modern combination ladders, which can provide everything from scaffolding to painting support. It is all a question of need, storage and manoeuvrability. 

step stool

Let’s begin with the basic kinds you can find around you.

1.Step stools 

 Step stools are widely used in families when you need to grab something from the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet or change a bulb. There are several types of step stool differs from the amount of steps. Find safe and high quality step stools on They have got ladders from one-step to four-step for you to choose. The most important advantages are their cost and convenience.


Extension ladders can be fold down to the length of one section for storage. They are available in single, double, and triple sections depending on your need. Unlike the wide and flat pad of step ladders, extension ladders usually propped against walls or other sturdy surfaces for support. Their legs have adjustable foot pads which provide level contact with the ground. The rungs of many extension ladders are usually square or D-rung. Wearing proper shoes is essential when working with extension ladders, because the rungs can become oily or wet. 

3. Multipurpose Ladder 

The multipurpose ladder combines the features of the step ladder and extension ladder that increase its versatility. It can be self-supporting. Or you can also place it against something stable. It can even be used as scaffolding, stairway stepladder, and many more depending on the product. It’s a smart choice for a contractor or for people who need their ladder to be versatile.

attic ladder

4.Attic Ladder

An attic ladder connected to the door to enter the attic. It allows users access to their attics without the use of a standalone ladder or a staircase which is a great save of space. In most situations, users pull down the handle to the entrance, and the ladder either extends down or unfolds from the top. They will articulate on hinges so that they can reach the floor at an angle. The disadvantage of the attic ladder is load-bearing capacity. If it is subjected to heavy pressure, the life of the attic ladder may be affected. Sometimes it is not convenient for big stuff to go up through. So when using it, please refer to the weight and volume of the item.

5.Telescoping Ladders

A telescope can be extended when in use then shortened to save space when not in use. The case is similar to attic ladders. But don’t confuse it with an extension ladder. Telescoping ladders feature sections with slide in and out of each other, rather than on top of each other. This feature makes telescoping ladders very easy to transport and store.

6.Twin stepladders 

Twin stepladder is a special version of step ladder. They have ladder steps on both sides so that they can hold the weight of two users at the same time. Jobs are done quickly and efficiently when both sides are used simultaneously. 

There are many different types of ladders on the market. We hope this post can help you with some information and advice in ladder selection


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