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Do You Know The Steel Ladder?

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Steel stairs are a product of the industrial age and were previously widely used in factory buildings. In recent decades, with the emergence of many high-tech style buildings, its characteristics are aesthetic features: the extensive use of industrial metal materials, exposed structural components. These features are reflected in many buildings, and steel stairs are an important element to express their characteristics. The outdoor steel staircase at the Centre Pompidou in Paris forms the perfect combination with the scaffolding facade.


Steel stairs can also be made very simple. The z-shaped steel plate stairs are welded together with continuous z-shaped steel plates. The folded parts are fixed to the wall surface. There is no other redundant design. It can be said that the concept is creative and simple. Combine. The steel staircase uses more round stairs. In the three-dimensional space, the spiral staircase rises through the lines of the treads and railings to show the dynamic and elegant feeling, which can be said to reflect the beauty of the steel staircase space skeleton.

The spiral staircase can be said to be the same as the circular staircase, but its structural support is supported by the central steel column, and the stair treads are picked out from the steel column as cantilever beams and arranged along the spiral.

Indoor steel staircase, outdoor steel staircase;

Z-turn angle, 90-degree turn right angle, S-shaped 360-degree spiral, 180-degree spiral.


First, the land occupation is small; second, the shape is beautiful; third is practical, the steel structure is made of cast steel pipe, there are various steel skeletons such as seamless steel pipe and flat steel; the fourth is bright color, and the steel skeleton hand guard is black and white. The main or lacquer is in gold and bronze, which reflects the modern style of the home.

step ladder


Steel staircases come in a variety of forms, but with their stretched lines and a spatial rhythm contrast with the surrounding space. The structural support system of the steel stair is the stair steel oblique beam as the main structural member, the stair step is mainly the tread plate, and the railing form is generally in the form of a diagonal line parallel to the stair beam.

Stair Design

Stairs are the passages that allow people to smoothly move up and down the two spaces. It must have a reasonable structural design. According to the standard, each step of the stairs should be 15 cm high and 28 cm wide. The designer is required to have a thorough understanding and mastery of the dimensions in order to make the design of the stairs convenient and occupy the least space. . According to the actual situation, the height of the stair step should be less than 18 cm and the width should be greater than 22 cm. From the perspective of architectural art and aesthetics, the staircase is the focal point of vision and a highlight of the personality of the owner.

When we choose a house, the dimensions of the space and the size of the floor are already shaped and difficult to change. In order to facilitate the convenience and comfort of the upper and lower floors, the stairs need a reasonable slope, the slope of the stairs is too steep, and it is not convenient to walk, which will give people a "dangerous" feeling. If you easily climb up the stairs, you need a certain amount of space to give the stairs an extension.

The use of steel stairs in the house mainly solves the problem of small space inside the building. In a house designed by a Japanese architect, a steel staircase was designed on one side of the street, a stepped grille steel plate with a stairway, and a stepped side-slope oblique beam. The overall appearance is industrialized, with the exposed steel structure. Form a structural logic relationship. In a steel staircase inside a European building, the slope of the slope is composed of square steel, and the surrounding building components are also made of the same material. The composition and proportional relationship of the line become the focus of the interior design of the space.

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