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Do You Know The Various Uses Of Ladders?

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I don't know if you have the same feeling. When you talk about ladders, the first thing that comes to mind is that things are placed high, you can't reach them, you need ladders to help, and then people climb up and take them. In fact, in addition to this role, there are many other ways to play the ladder! Let's follow the article to see what the ladder is.

First on the balcony or in the small garden, we put a retro ladder, paint the color you like, put a variety of flowers and plants, or even hang the plants to form a small garden view, which can add a lot of color to your space. 

Usually, the bedside table is placed at the bedside, and the mobile phone desk lamp alarm clock and other debris are placed, but there is no more way to put it, and it seems messy. Ladder racks can solve this problem very well, help you to store all kinds of pieces, and you can also put a variety of bedside books. As for what style you want, you can master it yourself.

steel step ladder

Nest on the sofa to sleep and chase the brush network, in addition to the pillow, the standard should also have a blanket. But when you don't use it, you have to stack your troubles. It's messy on the sofa. It's good to have a ladder on the corner of the wall.

The kitchen is a hard-hit area, and the pots and pans are pushed a lot. Every time you finish the meal, there is a mess. The wall is a Collecting treasure. It doesn't nail or hole. The ladder is slanted against the wall, plus S hook, flat bottom. Pots, spoons, hedges, etc., tools with eyes can be all hung up.

The highest level of storage is not only can be put away, but the value is even higher. If you have a lot of high-heeled shoes, there is a ladder that may hang them up, but this method is only suitable for hanging high heels, platform shoes, thick heels are not in the high heels.

The small ladder at the wall can be used to decorate the living room or to store things .As long as you walk around, you will be surrounded by collecting treasures.

steel step ladder

Only you can't think of it. Without it, a ladder can play so many tricks, and there are other kinds of objects. I don't know how many tricks can be played by us. The imagination of mankind is really endless. These seemingly inconspicuous things can play a sense of fashion.

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