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Do you know that ladders can also be used as decorations?

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A ladder is a tool for climbing high in life. It is not used frequently, and it will only be used when decorating or taking things. However, in modern home decoration, a ladder can not only bring convenience to your life, as long as the ingenuity of the mind, it can also become retro fashionable decorative objects in minutes!

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We can use step ladders as shelves, both creative and practical. Whether it's in the living room or the bedroom, ladders can be decent. Hang up the hook basket and put the small things in it. Glasses, hats and shopping bags can all be hung on them. They are easy to put and keep neat. A small ladder in a small bathroom is the best choice. It occupies little space. It can be used to put towels and toiletries. It is more beautiful to have green plants.

step ladder

Ladders that are nowhere to be laid are also used as flower racks. Layers of green plants, they are simply stunning. Old wooden ladder as flower rack, green plants and tea sets can also be matched so harmoniously. The life of tea and flower appreciation is excellent. A pot of different kinds of flowers is placed on the first floor. The pot is finished, the another pot blossoms. Flowers are appreciated all the year round.

step ladder

The ladder replaces the bedside cabinet without violating or feeling. It can also be used as a lamp holder to hang the lamp. Simple room with an old wooden ladder hanging on the lamp, has a great atmosphere. In addition to hanging lamps, this smooth and beautiful ladder also hangs some decorations, creating a stylish bedside space.


Books are the ladder of human progress. How harmonious it is for literary and artistic models to put books on folding step ladder. Beautiful old triangular ladder, with a few broad boards in the middle, becomes a bookshelf. Then put on the book, beloved little doll, this reading corner must be your favorite place to stay at home. A wooden ladder bookshelf is placed beside the window in good light, and you can browse it freely. Lying on the comfortable cloth sofa, the sun shines through the glass window on the ladder bookshelf, so that people can not help putting down the mobile phone stick to read, roaming in the sea of knowledge. With the traces of the years, the old ladder can not climb high, we can stick it on the wall which is practical and beautiful as a bookshelf.

step ladder

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