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History of the Ladder

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People usually do not consider step ladders before they have to climb it. Nevertheless, it is common in many places ----- a tool used to access attics, roofs and other high places.

Timeline Of The Step Ladder

Nobody really knows when the ladder was invented. “But the earliest evidence is in Valencia, Spain. The spider Caves have a Mesolithic rock painting of a ladder about 10,000 years old. The painting shows two men accessing the wild honeybee nest with ladders, most likely to get honey. The painting shows a flexible ladder made of some kind of grass.”

Although this is the first evidence of the ladder, most researchers are believed that it is much older than the ladder. The functional design roots of ladders as we know it today can be traced back to ancient Egyptian culture and Hebrew. These are the development and improvement of its civilization. Over the years, there are different types of ladders have been created to accommodate different purposes.

Rigid ladders

Kinds of Ladders

Some ladders are small and easy to transport. The others are large and take time to assemble. These tools can be roughly divided into flexible step ladders and rigid step ladders .

Flexible ladders - These ladders are usually made of grass, cords, ropes and other flexible materials. They are more easy to use and portable. Of course, it's not easy to climb. When you increase the weight, the flexible ladder will bend and flex, which makes it difficult to climb without any practice. However, they are usually used in combat situations and are very suitable for emergencies.

Rigid ladders - It is different with flexible ladder, rigid ladder feels safer under your feet and is very easy to use. But, they are difficult to transport. A small ladder can be easily carried with you. However, large ladders require special transportation and assistance. Several rigid ladders are available, which including:

Platform step ladders

Hook or Pompier ladders

Folding ladders

Fixed ladders

Roof ladders

Telescopic ladders

Orchard ladders

Counterbalanced ladders

Chicken ladders

Step ladders

Chicken ladders

A frame ladder

Bridge ladders

Assault ladders

Vertically rising ladder

Attic ladders

X-frame ladder

step ladder

Flexible or rigid, Ladders are indispensable and ubiquitous. The invention of wheels enabled us to cross distances, while ladders enabled us to conquer heights, and at the same time provided a perfect metaphor for the philosophy of success. As American entrepreneur JC Penney once said, "No one can climb the ladder of success without first placing a foot on the bottom rung."

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