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How To Choose a Household Ladder

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In people's normal home life, it is always necessary to climb up and down, such as lighting, decoration DIY, cleaning the high area, file access, etc. It's too dangerous to climb with a stool and not elegant to stand on the table. Therefore, it is necessary to have a ladder at home. A good home ladder is definitely a good helper in your life.

For convenience, many people usually to put two chairs or stools together instead of ladders which is very dangerous. Believe it or not, according to the findings of the labor organization of the United States, even American workers with professional equipment are responsible for 45% of accidents in high-altitude operation. In fact, our daily life is full of traps and crises.

If you don't pay attention to it, you may cost your life . This is definitely not an alarmist. Therefore, it is necessary to have a ladder at home. A good household ladder is definitely a good helper in your life. What brand of household ladder is good, but do you know what kind of household ladders is better? 

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Choose of Ladder Type

Although there are many types of ladders, they can be divided into aluminum alloy ladders, telescopic ladders, insulation ladders according and herringbone ladder to the current market mainstream. First of all, it depends on the demand, what kind of demand and what kind of ladder to buy.

What Kind of Material is Good For Household Ladders?

At present, the materials of the international mainstream ladder products include: aluminum alloy, FRP, iron and so on. Aluminum alloy and iron is used in general working environment. For insulation, it needs to be made of FRP.

Of course, the same materials will be very different in terms of material selection and quality. For ladder manufacturers, the level of raw materials used will directly determine the quality of the product. Safety ladder manufacturing experts have extremely strict regulations on the specific technical parameters of materials. According to reports, in the European and American safety ladder market, the selection criteria for raw materials are in line with food grade, and the safety factor is second only to firearms.

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What Kind of Household Ladder is of Good Quality?

The purchase of household ladder brand products should meet the safety standards, have good structure and be suitable for the work. When purchasing, renting or borrowing aluminum alloy ladders, need to check:

1. Is the ladder clean and dry? (There should be no wet paint, no oil or mud, etc.)

2. Is the step free of cracks, missing, looseness or bending?

3. Is the handrail bent after crack or damage?

4.The wooden ladder is not painted? (the paint will cover the possible cracks of the wooden ladder, and the wooden ladder can only be treated with transparent materials such as varnish).

5. Is the metal ladder free of rust, sharp edges or dents?

6. Are the ladder pads, covers or other plastic parts intact? (The metal ladder should be fitted with a non-slip cover or a foot cover).


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