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How do you carry a step ladder?

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Many people who are coming in the summer will try to get their step ladders to open the sink, cut off unstable branches or repair loose roof tiles after the wet and windy weather in winter. You need to move the step ladder usually, but unless the ladder is your work tool, otherwise you may lack the knowledge of carrying a step ladder safely and effectively. To help you, we created this little guide.

Follow appropriate techniques when carrying step ladders to avoid injury or damage. Move slowly, especially if you are not used to using a ladder, follow the steps below.

1.Put the ladder in the right position

Place the ladder sideways on the ground with the step ladders facing you. The top of the ladder should be on your left and right side. When carrying a ladder, keep it in a minimum position. For folding step ladder, fold them to reduce the occupied space.

2.Standing in the right place

Standing next to the step ladders, about a third of the ladder at the bottom. The longer the ladder, the closer you are to the middle step to maintain balance.

3.Properly grasp the ladder

Turn your body to the left so that it is at right angles to the ladder toward the top. Bend your knees and grasp the outer rails with your right hand. If the ladder is too heavy to carry with one hand, hold the inner rail with your left hand at the same time. And apply to the palm of your hand and hold the ladder. Do not grab the object with your fingers to avoid falling off.

4.Raise the ladder with your knees

Lift the step ladder with your knees instead of your back. If the weight that feels too heavy is tilting forward or backward, move the ladder down and move slightly toward the end, then try to lift it again. Keep your arms fully extended while carrying.

5.Use your feet to turn

Use your feet to turn, not your waist, to effectively prevent sprains in the waist. and always check for obstacles at each end before turning.

6.Take the initiative to seek help when necessary

If you are carrying a large ladder other than a small step ladder or folding step ladder, ask someone for help if necessary to prevent a safety incident. When two or more people carry the ladder together, they should be directed by one person to ensure that the pace is uniform and the ladder is lifted and lowered at the same time.

7.Increase safety awareness

Remove debris areas or other tripping hazards. Check any wires, power cords, or any other items on the top of the head that could cause problems. Safety distance requirements should be met when moving the ladder around live equipment. And make a note of people's location and make sure they are not on the path of the ladder.

We hope that the above seven tips when carrying the ladder will be helpful to you.


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