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How do you carry a step ladder?

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How do you carry a step ladder?

Ladders are often used in our daily work and life, whether it's changing light bulbs, cleaning drains, painting rooms upstairs or pruning bushes. But you probably haven't considered the safest and most effective way to transport step ladders. Proper technique should be followed when carrying a small step ladder to avoid injury to yourself, other people or objects. Here are some tips for carrying ladders correctly.

1.Be Aware of Your Surroundings

One of the most important things to keep in mind when moving a foldable ladder is to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure the area is clear of debris or other tripping hazards. You also need to be aware of what is above your head. Make sure you check for any cords, power lines or anything else above your head that could cause problems. Make note of where people and ensure they aren’t in the ladder’s path.  


2.Steps for Carrying a Ladder Properly

Move slowly, especially if you're not used to using a ladder, and follow these steps.

(1)Place the closed ladder sideways on the ground with the rungs facing you. The top of the ladder should be to your left and bottom to your right.

(2)Stand next to the rung which is about one-third up the ladder from the bottom end. The longer the ladder, the closer you'll have to stand to the middle rung in order to maintain balance.

(3)Turn your body left so it's at a right angle to the ladder facing toward the top end. Bend at the knees and grab the outside rail with your right hand. If the ladder is too heavy to carry with one hand, grab the inside rail with your left hand at the same time.

(4)Lift the ladder using your knees, not your back. If it feels like too much weight is tipping toward the front or back, set the ladder down and move a little closer to the end that feels more weighted before trying to lift again. Keep arms fully extended while carrying.

(5)Use your feet to turn, not your waist. Before turning, check for obstacles at each end.

(6)You should always put your ladder in the smallest position it can be. Stepladders should be folded and extension ladders should be in their shortest position. Having the ladder in a small position will make it easier to move. In addition to folding and shortening your ladder, make sure you carry the ladder in the correct position, with the widest part angled down to the ground. Some ladders have wheels on the wide part to help you transport the ladder more safely and effectively.


3.Get Assistance When Necessary

If you are carrying an excessively long or excessively heavy folding step ladder, you should get assistance from another person. Make sure you talk to one another to make sure you are in sync to prevent accidents. Getting help to move oversize foldable step ladders will help prevent any injury from straining your muscles.

In the use the small ladder process, there will be some misoperation which have certain security risks. Hope that these skills can help you eliminate the potential safety hazards and do your own protection in the future use!

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