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How long can you work on a step ladder?

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The house with attic is now preferred by young people, attic can be made into bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, study and so on, however, the attic is always on the top floor, it needs the help of home folding step ladder to be free to go up and down, home folding step ladder companies produce and supply a variety of household folding step ladder all the year round, they stretch and stretch freely, when in use, pull it. When you don't need it, you can push it to the top to save space, and beautiful and generous release of more home space, so that home life is more comfortable. 

Ladders act as roads indoors, so whether they are safe or not is a top priority. The safety of ladders first reflects its load-bearing ability. In fact, after the ladders are installed, we should take certain anti-skid measures. Wooden pedals can choose a special anti-skid pad. At the same time, all parts of the laddercase should be smooth, round, no prominent, sharp parts, so as not to cause harm to the family. 

·Advantages of folding step ladder

1.Aluminum alloy folding step ladder has been sprayed with aging enhancement, pickling, phosphating and high temperature curing, which increases the durability of telescopic ladder and makes its surface have a variety of colors. Even if the spray surface falls off, it will not rust, so it can be widely used in indoor and outdoor.

2.Folding step ladders are not only portable, but also convenient to use. After folding, it does not occupy space and is very suitable for family to use.

·Application skills and suggestions of folding step ladder

1.Lock the ladder column outward, and hear``click'' and the lock block enters the position, indicating that the hinge has locked this position.

2.Open the lock to open the lock, and the lock block is retreated to the position, indicating that the hinge has been locked, which can change the angle of the ladder column or fold the ladder at this time; if the handle cannot be pulled, the lock can not be unlocked, which is due to the compression of the lock block by the hinge, and the external force can be lifted by pulling the ladder pillar and shaking it at this time.

3.After checking that the ladder is in use, please carefully make sure that all the hinges are in the locked position before using them. If there is a hinge in the position of the lock block, you can open its symmetrical hinge, then fold the ladder column about 40 degrees inward, and then expand the pair of hinges outward so that the pair of hinges can be locked.

 The above are some tips and suggestions on the use of the folding step ladder for all of us, and it is hoped that the future safe use of the ladder will be helpful.


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