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How to Build a Wooden Ladder

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Sometimes we need a ladder to help us get to the right place. And a DIY ladder can better meet the special requirement for us. Today we’ll discuss how to build a mobile folding step ladder by ourselves. This foldable step ladder is a square piece of wood when it is folded. It is a five-step ladder when it is unfolded. It has a solid structure and is very creative. Next we will learn how to make it.

1. Main Materials:

Square wood, wood cutting machine (or hand saw), wire planing (for planing grooves), F clamp, square ruler, wood glue, sandpaper, etc.

step ladder

2. DIY Steps:

Simply speaking, this mobile five step wooden ladder is made up of two long and thick poles, and there are crossbars crossing the middle of the two long and thick poles for climbing. When it is not in use, the straight ladder is folded upwards into a piece of wood by one side. When making, it should be noted that whether the ladder height, specifications and pedals can be successfully received inside the ladder beam. The specific DIY steps are as follows:

Step 1: Straight Ladder Design

Folding wooden straight ladder is a portable folding wooden ladder with fixed length when it is unfolded. The ladder height is 183cm, the layer height is 25cm. The wood on the ladder beam and the pedal shall not contain dead knots. There shall be no cracks in the ladder beam (including the dry shrinkage crack at the end of the ladder beam), and no cracks shall be allowed in the joint surface of the pedal and the ladder beam.

Step 2: Ladder Beam Making

The ladder beam is the side beam on both sides of the wooden straight ladder. The actual height of the ladder beam is 183cm. First, select two square wood with a length of about 216cm. Do not have large knots and cracks on the wood. After planed, cut a 33cm short piece of wood obliquely at the end of the square wood, the bevel angle is 15 degrees, and shave a 4.5cm depth square groove on another 183cm long piece of wood. Then put this short piece of wood on the long wood with a round raft.

step ladder

Step 3: Pedals Making

The pedal of the folding straight ladder is a component of the ladder, it is also called the ladder crossbar. First, put the two ladder beams that have just been made together on the woodworking table, then draw the position of the pedals with a pencil. Note that the first layer of the straight ladder is 33cm high and the middle layer is 25cm high. After drawing, make pedals. The pedal size is: 37*3*2cm. The two ends are cut into round shapes, and the round end is drilled with a round hole slightly larger than 15mm.

Step 4: Assemble and Test 

Next, install the straight ladder pedals. Fix the pedals to the ladder beam with a 15mm round raft. The ends of the round raft are fixed on the ladder beam with wood glue, because the round hole on the pedal is slightly larger than the round raft, so that the pedal can move freely up and down. After all the 5 pedals have been assembled, Test the opening and folding. It is a five-step ladder of 1.83 cm height when it is unfolded and it is a 216 cm square wood when it is folded. After passing the test, you can polish and paint.

step ladder

Step 5: Finish!

Mobile wood ladders are not uncommon in our lives. The materials are also various, common bamboos, aluminum alloys, and wooden. The ladder include three step ladder, five step ladder and nine step ladder. Today's shared five-step folding ladder, it has bold design, unlimited creativity and pure solid wood material. It is a really good ladder for you.


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