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How to Replace the Ladder Feet

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Ladders are very useful in our daily life, but if we don't take care of them, they can be the cause of an accident. Even a small defect can cause the biggest problem. For example, the smallest screw will cause the pedals of the step ladder to separate. We may overlook a lot of little items, such as screws, ladder feet, etc., however, these items are actually very important, especially the ladder feet.

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In many cases, the ladder feet not only has a great impact on the safety of people, but also has a great impact on the things it touches. Most ladder feet are made of rubber. This makes them have more gripping ability than any other material such as wood or metal. This also means that it will slowly wear out. The rubber feet must be replaced after they have worn out. It doesn't look like any other part where some kind of repairing will do work. Sometimes worn rubber can damage the tile floor. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the ladder feet in time. There are also available rubber feet for ladders on the market, no matter how large the ladder is.

As the market grows, these materials which will be used to replace the ladder feet are already available in the market. There are many options, so you have to make a choice wisely. Rubber feet are the most common of them, they are effective in all aspects, and there are special ladder feet that can work in different environments.

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1. Round rubber feet

They are very common and also very easy to install. The only thing you need is a screwdriver and matching screws, so you can safely fix them. Rubber material ensures grip and safety on high ground. Some people think that these round rubber feet have a small contact area with the ground due to their shape, resulting in insufficient grip. In fact, this is no longer a problem, because some materials can solve this kind of problem for you.

2. Triangular rubber steel feet

They are also a good choice. Since the joint is attached to the heel, the angle can still be changed at will. And this kind of ladder feet are easy to install, just like any other rubber feet. You just have to screw it together. Be sure to tighten the feet with the supplied metal wrench to prevent them from moving over the screws.

3. Special ladder feet 

They can be used in different places. You don't need to buy a new foldable step ladder to give you the benefits and safety you need. The adjustable feet can be mounted under the ladder. This can be very useful if you are working on uneven ground such as stairs, roofs or slopes. This does not require you to change the ladder feet. You only need to connect it every time you need it. They do not require any screws or fastenings. It has its own locks that you can use whenever you need them. And you must remove them after use so that you can effectively maintain them.

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4. Adjustable ladder feet 

If removing or replacing and adjusting when needed is a bit annoying, you can buy another variant. Those adjustable ladder feet can be shortened and lengthened as needed. You don't have to separate it, these are in pairs. This means you can use it in the way you like. Just like any other folding step ladder, you only need a screwdriver and the lock that comes with the ladder. 


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