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How to choose the right step ladder

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Work that requires working at height also means that you need to always use the right equipment, which is not just common sense, it is part of the high-altitude work regulations that employers need to follow.

If you need work at a height, here are some information about step ladders, which can be helpful when trying to determine which type of ladder is best for your needs.

Step Ladders & Platforms  – For Those “Hard to Reach” Jobs

These are great for reaching things on the shelves. Which things are a bit too high, which increases your height. They are easy to move around the office and have a non-slip surface to make them as safe as possible.

The ladder is folded up for easy storage and transportation as a step truck to do so. But the extra advantage of these stepper trucks is that they can be doubled as sack trucks.

Platform-based foot pedals, such as moving foot pedals and a wider work platform, provide a stable standing position when you're done, and small enough to be stored under the table.

Step Ladders

Mobile Steps – Put Things Down From The Heights Of The Warehouse

Because they are easy to move, mobile safety ladders have a variety of uses for a variety of tasks around the workplace. The Mobile Security step is especially good if you work in a warehouse and need to pick or drop things from a height.

Their arched feet and rubber protection ring mean they are sturdy and not easy to slide. When you purchase from Key, if you are likely to worry, you can also choose the anti slip one..

Multi-Purpose Ladder – When You Need Extra Stability Or Extra Height

The appeal of adjustable ladders is that if you need some extra stability, it can be an A-shaped ladder, and if the job may require some extra height, it can become a telescopic ladder.

With retractable legs and multiple hinges, you can use these ladders in a variety of different environments, including on stairs. They are usually light, portable, and easy to collect, making transportation a breeze.

Extension ladder - ideal for external work

If you work outside the building or need short access to the roof, this ladder is perfect.

A good function of triple extension ladder is that it can be divided into three independent ladders. Make it one of the most widely used products we have ever seen.

Extension ladder

Fixed steps and ladders – suitable for situations where the ladder does not need to be moved from one place to another

These are ideal for getting the job done in the same place. An example is an attic ladder where the ladder is only used to enter the attic. When not in use, the attic ladder folds into the attic space.

Other types of fixed ladders (such as fixed warehouse steps) give you the advantages of a fixed height ladder and the operability of a fixed anti-skid platform and handrail.

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