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Idle Old Wooden Ladder Renovation

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The dilapidated wooden ladder at home is not in a hurry to discard, and it will be found that it can have more magical effects. At home, whether it is old or broken wooden ladder, as long as you deal with it, you can become a practical rack, bedside table or towel rack in your home. I believe you will sigh after reading this article. The wooden ladder also has so many functions.

1. wooden ladder bedside table

The bedside table is an indispensable piece of furniture in the bedroom. If you have an idle wooden ladder in your home and you just miss the bedside table, then it is a good idea to transform the ladder into a bedside table. This bedside table is not only practical, but also adds a little space to the space. Personality and charm.

2. wooden ladder rack

Household items are often the most easily overlooked, but for small units, there may not be enough space for the lockers, and the storage and storage of the items becomes a problem. At this time, the wooden ladder is to solve the storage problem. The best way, the little wooden ladder seems useless, but you can use it as a shelf. This refreshing white ladder looks better on the blue wall and provides space for the space. A lot of storage space.

3. wooden ladder wall decoration

In addition to storing items, the wooden ladder is also the perfect choice for home wall decoration. It is such a simple and simple wooden ladder that does not require a lot of time to decorate it. Under the plain white walls, the entire home space appears more individual.

4. wooden ladder towel rack

Most of the family's bathrooms are relatively small, the small space may not be enough to put down a bathroom cabinet, so how to store the towels? The wooden ladder is very easy to use, it is not only beautiful and practical, but also It doesn't take up space, with white walls, everything looks simple and clean, and this rustic charm adds to the fun of the blank space.

step ladder

5. wooden ladder flower stand

Usually, friends who like to plant flowers and plants, may wish to use the wooden ladders that are idle in the house to put the flower pots. This is also the best use. In the outdoor, this rustic ladder adds a layering of the garden and is full of flowers. The wooden ladder of the basin is even more attractive.

It can be seen that the old wooden ladder at home is not useless, but you have not found its magical effect. Is your wooden ladder still idle in the corner?


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