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Ladder Safety – Tips and Tools to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

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As we all know,ladder is an indispensable tool in our life, such as the broken home lights need to be replaced, Spring Festival couplets and other daily activities need to use ladder. The common ladders in our life are straight ladder, herringbone ladder, extended ladder, combination ladder and so on. So, do you know how to use ladders correctly and safely? What else should we pay attention to when using ladders? What should we do to avoid ladder accidents?

(1)When climbing up and down a ladder, one mustface the ladder and use a three-point contact climbing method (even with one hand and one foot, or one hand and two feet), each time only one person can stand on a ladder of one person's breadth. Don't lean sideways. Keep the center of gravity in the middle of the ladder. Use a tool belt to carry the tool, or use a rope to lift or drop the tool. To ensure that there is no grease or mud on the bottom and crossbar of boots, use a three-point contact climbing method at any time. If you have to put a ladder in front of the door, lock or block the door first.

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(2)It is not possible to use a lifting device for carrying articles to climb up the roof unless the lifting device is specially designed for roof work. When climbing a ladder, you should not carry heavy, large or dangerous goods at the same time. Proper lifting devices should be used to carry articles.

(3)Check each ladder before using. If it is found that the crossbar of the ladder is loose, damaged or off, the frame of the ladder is broken or bent, or there are other faults, it should be immediately marked and replaced. The ladder should be placed on a firm and flat surface, and ensure that all the foot of the ladder touches the ground, to ensure that the pedals and soles of the ladder are free of oil or other slippery substances.

(4)Only heavy ladders approved by relevant standards can be used. The top of the ladder must be placed in a stable place. The top of the ladder (excluding folding ladder) must be higher than the safety platform or retaining wall, about one meter. The gradient of the ladder must be a ratio of 4 (height from the ground) to 1 (distance from the wall).

(5)The ladder must be tied up, blocked, or fixed in other ways to avoid sliding down. The foot of the ladder must be placed on a firm and flat surface. Before erecting the ladder, we should observe whether there are overhead wires. Metal ladders, including wire-reinforced wooden ladders, should not be used near conductors with energy connections.Another easy way is to use the ladder with handrail. It's also a safe way to balance your body by grabbing the handrail.He is very effective in avoiding stepladder injuries.


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