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Learn What To Look For When You Buying a Ladder

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From painting projects to home improvement, all kinds of ladders come in handy. There are many factors in choosing the right ladder. Here are some helpful tips and great guides to help you choose the best step ladders.

1. Material Type

The ladder is made of three basic materials – fiberglass, metal or wood. Keep in mind your work environment when selecting materials. Aluminum ladders are not suitable for use near power supplies because aluminum is used as an electrical conductor. Wood and fiberglass ladders are safe in these environments, but are usually heavier than aluminum.

2. Ladder type

There are several different types of ladders available. Which type you need depends on the job. Be sure to read all the safety standards on the label to ensure that you can safely use the ladder at the highest stand height.

Combination ladder – By adjusting the ladder structure, the combination ladder can be used as a step ladder or an extension ladder. These ladders have a locking mechanism that holds the ladder in the required position.

step ladder

Telescopic ladders - These ladders can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of sizes and levels of work. These ladders usually consist of two or more parts that move in the rail or bracket. You move the parts up to the guide to raise and lower the ladder to the desired height. If the extension ladder is more than 3 feet above the upper support point, the extension ladder is too long for work.

step ladder

Scaffolding – Since most ladders are made for a climber, scaffolding may be a good choice for jobs that require two people to help. These ladders have steps on each side and a platform in the middle to stand. The platform can also double as a shelf, making these units ideal for painting, cleaning windows and more.

3. Duty Rating

This number indicates the maximum weight that the ladder can safely support. The total weight that the ladder is to support includes your weight, the weight of the clothes/gear plus the weight of your tools. The IAA ladder is the highest rated weight and can carry 375 pounds. The light ladder will be classified as Type III and can only hold 200 pounds.

4. Ladder accessories

You can connect several accessories to your ladder to help simplify your work. Many ladders come with a paint tray to hold your bucket or other accessories, but you can also purchase a convenient shelf to attach to your ladder. There are also some practical buckets or paint cups on the market, and their handles can actually be hung on the ladder. These tools are a great way to make your work a little easier.

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