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The Use Of Small Family Ladders Is So Varied

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Many families have a small ladder, but most people will only lock it in a dark room when they don't use it. In fact, with a little bit of care, the small ladder can be turned into a great decorative gadget to make the home more flavorful.

1. Lay the blanket and clothes on the ladder

The log of color is very well matched with the white furniture. It is placed at the bedside. You can hang your matching clothes on the next day. You can get up in the morning without worrying about the day. When you go home, you will wear clothes on the ladder and put on your home clothes. It is also a simple method.

steel step ladder

2. Can be used as a bedside chair

The ladder can also be the most suitable bedside chair for placing the bedside lamp. The small board on the ladder can hold a few books on it so that you can read it at any time during the break.

3. Can be used as a plant flower stand

This method is suitable for both interior decoration and decorative back gardens. The old iron ladder is rusty, but full of fresh and natural taste, very suitable for matching with cute plants. The ladder's own layering allows you to make effective use of the space, in addition to plants can also put some other small objects on it.

steel step ladder

4. Can be used as a pot rack

This is a very classic idea. Hanging the pot can save parallel space on the table or in the cabinet. It can also be used as a wall decoration to kill two birds!

5. Can do bookshelf

This is another classic example. Putting a ladder on the wall in a room can be a good little bookcase. Look, you can put a lot of books, no worse than the official bookcase.

6. Put the bathroom as a towel rack

Putting it in the bathroom as a towel rack is also a very practical idea. With the white wall, everything looks simple and stylish, and it is easy and tidy. The traditional metal towel rack can be replaced by a ladder to show the eclectic decoration style. The pastoral sweet life is full of instant.

7. It also can be bar

This is a very interesting idea, put it outdoors, and then put a few long boards on it, you can make a big bar. When you have a drink, you can invite friends to come and have a drink!

steel step ladder

8. Do wedding cloth background

A simple pastoral wedding can be done with a ladder as a backdrop for the table. Is it very quiet and cute with a beautiful bouquet? A happy life that yearns for ease, only together, there is no separation.

9. Can be used as a magazine rack

Put a ladder in the study to make a magazine rack. The traditional newspaper and magazine rack is also estimated to be inspired by the ladder. Put your favorite magazine on the ladder, so that your friends can read it when they come to the house. Chat with your favorite little articles.

10. ladies' small shoe racks put your favorite shoes on the ladde

Do not let them always stay in the dark closet, use the ladder space to place more cute shoes. If you are a shoeover, you will be very happy to see your darling every day.

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