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The best ladder for hanging holiday decorations

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The best ladder for hanging holiday decorations

Ladders are our daily necessities. They are made of two long and thick poles, which are crossed between the poles suitable for climbing.

1. Preparations for Using Step Ladder

(1) Ensure that all rivets, bolts, nuts and movable parts are tightly connected, that the step ladder column and the step ladder are firm and reliable, that the springs are stretched and in good working condition.

(2) The step ladder should be kept clean and free of grease, wet paint, mud, snow and other slippery substances.

(3) Operator's shoes should be kept clean and leather soles should not be worn.

2. Operation of Lifting Step Ladder

(1) The angle between the step ladder and the ground is about 75 degrees.


(2) After stretching the step ladder, there is a certain overlap distance between the overlapping parts. The overlap distance of ladders under 8 meters should be more than 75 centimeters, and that of ladders above 8 meters should be more than 110 centimeters.

(3) When lifting step ladder, one should hold hands tightly and hold the rope in one hand. The palm of the hand should not be placed on the ladder step, otherwise, there will be the possibility of finger sticking when lifting a ladder.

(4) Lift the ladder to a suitable height. After ensuring that the lifting clip is stuck on the step, break the fixed block at the bottom of the upper ladder and fix it. Then tie up the lifting rope and open the ladder to a suitable width for use.

(5) If you want to descend the ladder, close the two sides of the ladder closer, then unfasten the fixed rope, lift the ladder a little, so that the fixed clip leaves the step surface, and then slowly descend. If the descent is not smooth, you can hold the rope in one hand and shake the ladder gently back and forth in the other hand until the ladder descends smoothly.

(6) It is forbidden to stand on the platform when the platform is lifting or moving.

(7) There are two movable lifting and fixing devices on both sides of the lifting platform. When moving, they should be folded up. When lifting and working, please open them to a suitable width and lock them in order to play a fixed role.


(8) The bottom of the lifting platform is equipped with lockable universal mobile casters. Lock the casters while working and release them when moving.

3. Notices for Use of Ladders

(1) The ladder should be placed on a firm and smooth ground.

(2) Ladders are forbidden in case of physical fatigue, taking drugs, drinking or physical handicap.

(3) Do not stand on the ladder within 1 meter from the top of the ladder while working. Always keep the safety protection height of 1 meter, let alone climb the top support point.

(4) It is forbidden to exceed the maximum load-bearing quality marked in operation.

(5) The use of ladders in strong winds is prohibited.

(6) Conductivity of metal ladder, avoiding close to the place with electric field

(7) When climbing, the man faces the ladder, grasps it firmly with both hands, and keeps the center of gravity of his body in the middle of the two ladder pillars.

(8) Hands should not exceed the top of the head in order to avoid losing balance and danger.

(9) It is forbidden to cross directly from one side of the ladder to the other.

4. Key Points of Purchase

(1) Material

(a) Iron

It is made of ordinary iron material and painted on the outside. It is waterproof, rust-proof and rugged with slightly heavy weight. Lacquer surface is easy to fall off over the years and is not suitable for long-term outdoor work.

(b) Stainless steel material

The ladder made of stainless steel can be waterproof and oxidation-proof without painting, and its weight is not much different from that of ordinary iron ladder.

(c) Aluminum alloy

The aluminium ladder has the characteristics of waterproof, rust-proof, strong and light, but the disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher.

(d) FRP

FRP has the function of insulation.

(2) Structure

Household usually has two kinds of structures: one is to open the one-sided ladder with fixed posture and fixed by the way of tie bar and buckle plate. This type of ladder is complex in structure, but easy to use and more suitable for family use; the other is to open the double-sided ladder with independently locked device with uncertain posture and angle. The ladder structure is simple and reliable, and looks more professional. This ladder has the characteristics of strong and light, but the disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher.

(3) Hardness

Considering the portability, the ladder with thick wall, no trauma and strong material is preferred.

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