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Three Tips of Purchasing a Home Ladder

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Ladder is a daily life tool used for climbing. Many times ladders are tools we must use. Different situations require different ladders. It can not to purchase household ladders casually. You must choose the right material or type. Safety first, the correct use of ladders is also a special concern. Let's take a look what else we do not know about the ladder.

Type of Ladder

From the material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, FRP, iron, bamboo, wood, etc.

From the style: vertical ladder, herringbone ladder, telescopic ladder, dual-purpose ladder, one-sided ladder, two-sided ladder, multi-functional ladder, car washing platform, shelf ladder, etc.

From the insulation: non insulation, semi insulation, full insulation.

From the use point of view: family ladder, engineering ladder, dual-purpose ladder, car washing platform, shelf ladder.

family ladder

What Kind of Material is Good for Household Ladder?

Iron: It is made of common iron material, painted on the outer layer, waterproof and rust-proof and sturdy. It is slightly heavy in weight and easy to fall off after a long time. It is not suitable for long-term outdoor operation.

Stainless steel material: it is made of stainless steel, which can be waterproof and oxidation-resistant, no need to paint. Its weight is not different from ordinary iron ladders.

Aluminum: aluminum ladder is waterproof, rustproof, strong and light, but the price is slightly higher.

Wood: Wood ladder is heavier than aluminum ladder and easy to aging damage.

Tips for Home Ladder Purchase

Ladder height: Household ladders can be divided into three step ladders, four-step ladders and five-step ladders according to the height. According to the needs of the family, the ladder of the corresponding height can be selected. The ladder with too low altitude may not be enough. The height is too high. The ladder may not be convenient, so how tall is the home ladder? Three-step ladder: The height is about 70cm. When you step on the top step, you can't reach the roof. It is suitable for general operations such as taking objects at the top of the cabinet and cleaning the glass. Four-step ladder: The height is about 100cm. When the step is reached, the finger is just enough to reach the roof position. It is suitable for high-level work such as hanging curtains.

family ladder

Material selection: there are ladders made of metal, wood, glass fiber and other materials on the market. Metal ladders cannot be used in places where electric shock is dangerous. However, glass fiber ladders are easy to deteriorate due to exposure to the sun. Wood ladder is heavier than aluminum ladder and easy to aging.

Brand: There are many brands of household ladders, and it is necessary to choose ladders of famous brands. Stable Master's manufacturer's production process is strict and advanced, with good quality, meticulous treatment in details, guaranteed quality and safe and reliable use.

Check the process of ladder: there is no burr on the edge and corner, no exposed cutting surface; the bolt is firm without looseness, the interface is fit without dislocation, and the folding and unfolding are smooth without jamming.

Pay attention to the load limit: pay special attention to the overweight personnel or carry the overweight goods up and down the ladder.


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