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What Are The Requirements For Safe Operation Of Mobile Platform Ladders?

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The Safe Working Requirements For Ladders:

1. The load requirements of the ladder.

The pedal for the upper and lower steps of the ladder shall not be used for loads greater than 1100N. When there is special work on the ladder surface and the weight exceeds the above load, it should be checked according to the actual situation.

2• The working angle of the ladder and the up and down spacing of the pedal (traverse) and the anti-slip measures at the lower end of the ladder.

1.The bottom of the step should be solid and do not use it by raising it.

2. In case of sinking or instability after being loaded, the upper end of the ladder shall be fixed. It shall be fastened and the slope shall not be too large to avoid slipping during operation.

3. The working angle of the ladder is 75 ° ± 5 °, and the pitch of the pedal is 30cm. There should be no missing.

4. Anti-slip measures are required at the lower end of the ladder. The anti-slip measures of the step foot can be equipped with anti-slip legs, bundles, anchors, clamps, and the like.

folding ladders

3. The length of the ladder is required.

Because the stability of the ladder will be reduced after the ladder is extended, the ladder must be connected for long-term use and must have reliable connection measures. There should be no more than one joint for the ladder. The strength of the connected ladder beam should not be lower than the strength of the single ladder beam.

4. Technical requirements for different ladders.

There are many types of ladders, such as: mobile ladders, folding ladders, fixed straight ladders, hanging ladders, extension ladders, bracket ladders, hand-pushing ladders, bamboo ladders, etc.

The following mainly describes three types of mobile ladders, folding ladders, and fixed straight ladders.

(1) Mobile ladder. To accept quality according to the current national standards, those that do not meet the quality requirements should not be used.

(2) Folding ladder. When using the ladder, the upper angle should be 35°~45°, the hinge must be firm, and there should be reliable pulling measures.

(3) Fixed straight ladder.

Folding ladders

Fixed straight ladders are made of metal and should be Class A No. 3 boiling steel. The ladder width should not be more than 50cm, and the angle should be not less than L70X6. The embedding and welding must be firm. The top of the ladder should be flush with the top of the climb, and a 1.5-meter-high handrail should be added.

When climbing with a straight ladder, the climbing height is preferably 5m.

When the height exceeds 2m, a cage shall be added. When the height exceeds 8m, a ladder platform shall be provided.

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