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What Are The Requirements For The Use Of Stainless Steel Ladders?

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The tools that must be used for climbing operations are various ladders. Different types of ladders have different regulations and requirements with national standards, such as angle, slope, width, height, connection measures, pull-up measures and force performance. The load capacity of the upper and lower pedals is the load of 1100N, which is determined by multiplying the total weight of people and clothing by 750N times the dynamic load factor. This also stipulates that people who are overweight should not be used for climbing.

The main requirements for ladders are as follows.

(1) As a climbing tool, the structure must be firm and reliable.The board which Stepped up and down should have a load of no more than 1100N. When there is special work on the ladder surface and the weight exceeds the above load, it should be checked according to the actual situation.

(2) Mobile ladders shall be inspected for their quality in accordance with current national standards.

steel step ladder

(3) The bottom of the ladder foot should be solid and should not be used up. The bottom of the ladder must be sturdy, In addition, measures such as tightening, nailing, anchoring or clamping must be taken to prevent the skid from falling and the upper end of the ladder should have fixed measures. The working angle of the ladder should be 75° soil 5°, and the spacing between the board and the board should be 30cm. There should be no missing files.

(4) If the ladder is to be lengthened, it must have reliable connection measures and the joint must not exceed one. The strength of the connected ladder beam should not be lower than the strength of the single ladder beam.

(5) When the ladder is used, the upper angle should be 35°~45°, the hinge must be firm, and there should be reliable pulling measures.

(6) Fixed straight ladders are made of metal materials.

The ladder width should not be more than 50cm, and the angle should be not less than L70X6. The embedding and welding must be firm. The top of the ladder should be flush with the top of the climb and add 1. 0 to 1.5 m high handrails.

steel step ladder

(7) When climbing with straight ladders, the climbing height should be 5m. When it exceeds 2m, a protective cage should be added. When it cannot be set, the upper and lower fixed wire ropes should be hung on the side of the ladder. The operator should use the fall-proof climbing hook correctly when going up and down. When it is more than 8m, the ladder platform must be set.

(8) When going up and down the ladder, you must face the ladder and do not hold the object.


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