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What Essential Window Cleaning Equipment Do You Need?

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The windows are the eyes of the house and are an important passage for us to ventilate and illuminate. It is very important to keep the windows clean. We need to clean the windows regularly and you will need the necessary equipment to complete your work.Thankfully, the number of items needed as window cleaner isn’t going to break the bank.



The squeegee is essential for a cleaner to wipe water from a channel that’s up to 14-inches wide (depending on the size of the product). They’re designed to break down into multiple parts and often just a few of the parts can be bought without needing to replace everything when the first one gets worn out.



A glass scraper is deployed when dirt is stuck to a window and cannot be cleaned or scrubbed another way. This includes caked on dirt and dried paint too. There’s a right and a wrong way to use a glass scraper so as not to scratch the underlying glass, so it would be wise to get some practice in.


Scrapers have blade inserts. These come in packs of five or ten. A scraper comes fitted with a blade out of the packet, so the blade inserts are replacements for when the original blade gets bent or damaged.




A T-bar is designed to add water and detergent and then apply it to the window. The T-bar is often made of plastic, but the sleeve is softer and will need replacing every so often. Along with the T-bar, you’ll need a cleaning solution for the windows and access to water. Bring a microfiber cloth for wipe downs too.




Glass cleaner

Usually it is like the accumulation of dust, the rain is easy to form stains on the glass, and the water is difficult to wipe clean. However, this glass cleaner has a very good decontamination effect. The special wetting agent can be quickly dispersed on the glass to strongly decompose the stains. After cleaning, a protective film can be formed to keep the glass surface bright and clean.



glass cleaner


A samll step ladder is vital to get up the side of the wall to clean the windows above the ground floor. It needs to be top quality as it will be holding you at a height safely – there can be no room for error! Consider spend that little bit more to get a better ladder than you think you’ll need. Also, pay attention to the weight of it.


A triple ladder is a useful one to look for. One section can usually be removed to get the ladder through narrow hallways or alleyways around the side of a building or home. However, with it fitted on, you can get up higher as well. A step ladder or a set of steps is also essential.


step ladder

You can prepare a folding ladder at home, take it out when you use it, fold it up in the corner when you don't need the foldable step ladder, and reduce the space. You need to choose different step ladders depending on the height of the window. For low windows, you can use only one step ladder, but for high windows, you may need a three-level ladder.

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