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What Type Of Ladder Do You Need?

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Most people, both inside and outside the industry, regularly use some type of climbing equipment. For homeowners, reaching higher shelves, replacing light bulbs and even smoke detector batteries can be more easier by use a footstool.

For DIY'er, projects usually include some higher position. People hope their arm are longer. Here, according to the work at hand, different types of ladders are exists.

For the professionals, this is a collection of various step ladders. Step, multi-purpose and extension ladders are all needed, sometimes pump jacks and scaffolds are very suitable. Then there are some criteria for selecting ladders.


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What Type Of Ladder Do You Need?

This seems to be a basic problem, but different step ladders are designed to guide you through different project types safely. Finding and choosing the right step ladder is the first step to finding the right tool for your job.

Some of the basic types include ladders, extension ladders, platform ladders and inclined ladders (essential special items that can save OSHA fines). This list can continue with special step ladders, such as step stools, rolling ladders, attic ladders and accessories.

First, let's have a look at the two most common ladder types:

Today's step ladders do more than our Grandfather's wooden dinosaurs did. If you're old enough, you can remember how shaky these were; if by coincidence you've broken the step when you climbing. It's really a lesson in life.

Nowadays ladders are of fixed length and can be used independently for various tasks. There are even versions that allow you to be closer to work, have dual functions (through OSHA certification), and even include workbenches to improve security.

step ladder


Extension ladder allows you to store tools more efficiently, while also increasing the flexibility to adjust height as needed. Other variants of the tool are straight ladders or manhole ladders, which are single sections and can be used over and over again for a given length (think of a library ladder that can actually use of a certain height).

Extension rung locks bear most of the abuse of this type of ladder and may lead to early failure. Some companies are using advanced polymers to enhance this critical part. Today, polymers have replaced aluminium and steel in many applications, including automobiles.

Less Common Ladder Types Are:

Professional ladders are usually used for specific purposes. They are not practical in many cases, such as their step ladder counterparts and extension. A good example is the tripod ladder, which is most commonly used for pruning and picking, landscaping, tree surgery and other hard gardening works.

Another example of a Professional ladder is the warehouse ladder:heavier and larger. It is recommended to use it extensively around the warehouse. More professional work requires more professional ladders, such as trestle ladders, rolling scaffolding and mobile platforms,.

You may already be familiar with the attic stairs, or you have a ladder at home, or you have seen one at the cinema. These sturdy, foldable, light ladders help make use of attic space.


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