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What are the main materials used in making ladders?

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The ladder is a daily life appliance. It is made up of two long and thick poles, and crossbars crossing the middle of the two poles for climbing. The ladder is divided into a lifting single ladder and a lifting herringbone ladder. They are also can be divided into straight ladders and folding step ladders. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a ladder is the materials. The most commonly used materials are wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass. There are also ladders made of ropes and plastics. The type of material used to make the ladder determines its durability and of course its price. Each of these materials has their own advantages and disadvantages. Next we will focus on four main materials.

1. Wood

folding step ladder

Ladders made of wood are the most affordable compared to ladders made of plastics and ropes. The durability of ladders made of wood varies depending on the type of wood used. The most commonly used wood for making ladders is hardwood, such as oak, mahogany, birch, red oak, hard maple, red oak, eucalyptus, and boxwood. These ladders made of wood are strong enough that you can compare them to some steel ladders. Other ladders are made of softwood such as pine, spruce and cedar. These are the types of ladders you should avoid because they are the least generic.

• Advantages - Wooden ladders are inexpensive and ideal for indoor tasks.

• Disadvantages - It is not recommended for outdoor use, especially in construction and construction tasks.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum ladders

It is more expensive than the wooden ladders. Aluminum ladders are the lightest among all types of ladders. Unlike other types of ladders such as wood and steel, aluminum ladders can be extended more than 20 feet.

• Advantages - Ladders made of aluminum are very lightweight, which means they are ideal for tasks that need to move from one place to another.

• Disadvantages - Since aluminum ladders are light, they bend over time. Their pedals hang down more easily than the pedals of ladders made of other materials. Aluminum is also a good conductor, so avoid using aluminum ladders when you use power tools or do tasks involving electricity.

3. Fiberglass

step ladder

Fiberglass is probably the best material for making ladders. Fiberglass ladders are a favorite for professionals. Ladders made of fiberglass are the most expensive type. They are slightly heavier than ladders made of aluminum, but lighter than steel and wooden ladders. The fiberglass ladder is the safest ladder because it is resistant to electricity and is rugged, which means it is more supportive even if you work on a wet floor.

• Advantages - If properly maintained, fiberglass ladders can service for you with a lifetime.

• Disadvantages - Fiberglass ladders are usually small ladders, they are limited to 25 feet in length. This is because of its cost and weight.

4. Steel

steel ladder

The most common material used by manufacturers is steel. The steel ladder is by far the most durable type of ladder, that is why they are the favorite of most professionals who use ladders at work. Steel ladders are heavier and stronger than ladders made of fiberglass and aluminum, which means they are safe even in harsh environments of warehouses and buildings.

• Advantages - Ladders made of steel are more affordable than fiberglass and aluminum ladders. They are less prone to cracking or bending than aluminum and wooden ladders, which means they can last for a long time.

• Disadvantages - Steel ladders are prone to rusting. This means they need extra care when stored when not in use. In addition, you need to use paint for its maintenance, which means extra cost. Due to their weight, ladders made of steel are also more difficult to be transported from one place to another.

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