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When Should You Replace Your Ladders?

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This sounds like a simple question, yet can be somewhat difficult for most people to answer. Ladders are like any other tools – they get worn over time and eventually something breaks on them. The difference with ladders is that it can put you at serious risk when they do. For that reason alone, it’s important to inspect them on a regular basis to look for problems to ensure they don’t break apart while you’re on them. But how do you know when the time is right to replace your ladder? You can make up your mind from the following aspects.

step ladder safety

Inspect the ladder 

Most ladders are made with aluminum or fiberglass, however wood ladders continue to be used on many job sites. Splits, chips and cracks can be fairly easy to identify on wood ladders, however rot and decay can sometimes go undetected. If you see any signs of softening or weakening, just replace it. Stepping onto a wood ladder rung that has a defect could be devastating.

How about a fiberglass ladder? You might think that when it starts to fade, it should be a good time to be replaced. In this way, you may waste a good ladder. The UV rays from the sun can cause the color to fade and the surface to become dull. Its interior is still intact, although these areas make the rails more susceptible to cracking or moisture. When inspecting the fiberglass ladder, look carefully at the cracks in the fiberglass.

In general, cracks, serious abrasions, indentation, rot to wooden areas or loose screws and other shaky fixings are some major causes for concern.

How old is the ladder?

The age of your ladder matters a lot. If it’s only a few months old or less than a year or two, you’re probably fine with it. However, the older the ladder is, the more of a watchful eye you’ll need to keep on it. 

How much use has the ladder had?

Even at the same age, it is really different conditions between a frequently used ladder and less frequently used one. Apart from the age of your ladder, the amount of roughhousing and general wear on a ladder is also important to be concerned.  

ladder inspection

Has the ladder ever slid down a side wall and onto the ground?

If you have a metal ladder, its metal rung is likely to loose during a fall. The structural integrity of the ladder can be severely affected. On the other hand, even suffering from a long-term driving over a rough road can easily cause loose. So remember to check carefully before using, especially after a long trip. 

Any of these types of problems may seem Inconspicuous, but they may end up being the cause of the accident. That's why a quick one-time inspection, which can be completed in less than a minute, is so important to discover any new issues not previously discovered, and to avoid serious injury or life.

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