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When do you use a ladder?

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Ladder is a widely used climbing tool. Now the ladder is widely used in indoor decoration, photography, airport, warehouse and other fields.

1.When Decorating

In our daily decoration, to paint or lay wallpaper, one of the most basic tools is the ladder. Ladder can be used to lay up the wall near the top and reach the wall which is difficult to reach in painting.

Painting - The use of step ladder when painting can make the process of wall painting more handy, do not worry about the place that can not be painted, the whole process is more easy and convenient, and the efficiency and quality of painting has also been improved.

Paving Wallpaper - Wallpaper on high places always makes people feel difficult, if there is a step ladder, then the problem will be solved! And we can stick wallpaper on the ladder to make it more neat and smooth.

folding step ladder

2.Use Ladders in the Yard    

We need a ladder in the yard warehouse, because the yard not only needs to clean the lawn, but also the roof.


Roof - There are always leaves and foreign objects on the roof that need to be cleaned up, and snow on the roof may need to be cleaned up in winter. Ladders can help us get to the roof quickly and support us when we clean. At this time, multi-functional ladder is a good choice, so that you can put some work while cleaning, greatly enhancing the safety.            

Trees - Some trees need to clear their branches at some time of the year so that they will grow better in the coming year. The ladder completely replaces climbing trees and reduces the risk of cleaning up. If there are birds living in your tree, you can also use ladders to help you nail a cabin.

folding step ladder

3.Use Ladders at Home

When we do some cleaning and tidying, the use of step ladder is very obvious. Whether you want to change the light bulb or wipe the chandelier, or look for books in the study and pick up high things, step ladder gives us great convenience.

When you pick up books in the study - For families with small children, having a ladder in the study can help children get books at a high level, so as to avoid falling down or other dangerous situations in the process of picking up books. In the process of sorting out books, you can save more effort without tipping your feet or raising your head.

Get stuff in the closet - Some families put items they don't use in the closet, or put them on the top of the closet. This is a ladder that can better help us get things. We can see the situation in the cabinet and the top of the cabinet more clearly, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by fragile items.

When using ladders, ladders should be placed on a firm and stable ground, and the body is tired. When taking drugs, drinking or physical obstacles, ladders should not be used. Do not exceed the top of your head with your hands in case your body loses its balance and is in danger.


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