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When using a step ladder you should?

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Because step ladders are such a common tool, even in the home, it is often taken for granted that employees know how to properly use them. But the use of step ladders is a very dangerous thing, so we must know how to use the ladder correctly.



1. Check the step ladder


You need to inspect your ladder every single time you use it. Things happen all the time when you're not working. Maybe somebody dropped something on your ladder or knocked it over when you were away. Maybe it got banged around in storage. Whatever the situation, you cannot leave your safety to chance. Inspect the ladder before using it.


Before starting a task, you should always carry out a 'pre-use' check to spot any obvious visual defects to make sure the step ladder is safe to use.


Check the stiles - make sure they are not bent or damaged, as the ladder could buckle or collapse.


Check the feet - if they are missing, worn or damaged the ladder could slip. Also check ladder feet when moving from soft/dirty ground to a smooth, solid surface, to make sure the foot material and not the dirt is making contact with the ground.


Check the rungs - if they are bent, worn, missing or loose the ladder could fail.


Check any locking mechanisms - if they are bent or the fixings are worn or damaged the ladder could collapse. And we should ensure all locking bars are engaged.


Check the stepladder platform - if it is split or buckled the ladder could become unstable or collapse.


Check the steps or treads on stepladders - if they are contaminated they could be slippery; if the fixings are loose on steps, they could collapse.

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2. Ladder Position


Any time you use a stepladder it must be fully opened and locked into place. In addition, your ladder must be on a firm, level surface. If you look at your stepladder and have to tilt your head to make it look straight, you've set it up improperly. If necessary, you should move your ladder to a more level, stable surface, or level out the surface it is on, but do not make any attempt to climb a ladder that is not level. If there is debris at the base of the ladder, don't just plant the ladder down on it and hope for the best, clear it out. Even if the debris isn't under the ladder itself, you must keep the area around the base of the ladder clear so that your users have safe access.


3. Body Position


When ascending or descending, ensure that you are maintaining three points of contact. In other words, at least one of your hands must be in contact with the ladder at all times. If you are carrying anything, even in just one hand, that prevents you from maintaining three points of contact, or that can cause you to lose your balance and fall, then you must find another way to get that material too with the ladder at all times. When climbing a ladder and/or working from a ladder, keep your center of gravity between the side rails. Overextending to either side of the ladder could cause it to shift and fall.


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