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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Using Insulated Ladder

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Before Use

1. Before using the ladder, you must carefully check the surface of the ladder, spare parts, ropes, etc. for cracks, serious wear and damage that affect safety.

2. When using the ladder, choose a hard, Flat ground to prevent the side shackles from being dangerous.

3. Check that all the legs are in good contact with the ground to prevent slipping.

4. If the height of the ladder is more than 5 meters, be sure to set the upper F8 cable in the upper part of the ladder.

5. Do not use ladders when you are dizzy, dazed, drunk or sick.

6. When working around doors and windows, the doors and windows must be fixed first to avoid opening, closing, and hitting the ladder.

7. Use ladders under high wind conditions to be extra careful or not to use them.

8, the correct use of the height of the ladder, never add or place anything on the ladder to increase the height.

9. Without the manufacturer's permission, the ladder will never attach other structures and never use or repair damaged ladders.

10. When lifting the ladder, it is strictly forbidden to hold the cross braces to prevent the fingers from being cut.

two step ladder

When Using It

1. It is forbidden to exceed the workload of the ladder.

2. The ladder foot has antiskid effect. However, it is still necessary for someone to hold the ladder by hand to remind and protect it (at the same time, prevent the ladder from leaning sideways), and step on the foot of the ladder with its foot to prevent the foot from moving.

3, you must wear flat shoes when climbing the ladder, so as not to accidentally slip.

4. When climbing a ladder or working, always keep your body in the middle of the ladder, keep your body straight and not reach out, otherwise you may have an accident because of the loss of balance.

5. When there is someone on the ladder, it is strictly forbidden to shift.

6. Only one person is allowed to climb the ladder or on the ladder.

After Use

When the work is completed, wipe the ladder clean and store it in a dry place.


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